Our Biggest Release Yet

July 2019

It's been a while since we posted something… but there's a very good reason for that! We've spent the last couple of months listening to user feedback, making changes and tweaks but also building a lot of brand new features.

In fact, there's enough new stuff in here to call it "Version 2"… so we're going to do just that! Introducing Talkshow Version 2 with these all-new features.

New User Interface

Talkshow has a brand new user interface that puts your team at the center - literally. When videos are playing they are now centered in the screen to help focus your attention.

New User Interface

You can view a live demo here.

The mobile web experience has been optimized so that videos are larger.

New User Interface Mobile

Emoji Reactions

You asked for ways to give quick feedback to your teammates' videos - now you can. You can respond to any video with an emoji reaction. It's a fast and easy way to give your coworker a thumbs up.


Threaded Comments

Sometimes videos stimulate the need for responses beyond a simple thumbs up or smiley - what if you have a question for your coworker? We thought hard about how best to achieve this, for example whether follow-up responses should be via video too.

Comment threads

In the end we decided to keep things simple. Every video now has a comments section where any team member can comment - and it supports heirarchical threads.

Hourly Notifications

We are big on protecting people's work focus. So instead of getting a notification every time something happens in your workspace, you can switch to hourly notifications instead. Then every hour you will receive a summary of the activity that happened in your workspace in the last hour.

Comment threads


One of the biggest new features on Talkshow Version 2 is also one of the least visual and therefore hardest to explain!

Automation allows you to set up regularly scheduled posts for your team to contribute videos to. This is perfect for daily or weekly team interactions such as a daily standup or an end of week retrospective.

Automations UI

Using the new Automation feature you can set up Talkshow to generate a new "daily standup" post every day (or every tuesday, or every tuesday and thursday - and so on!) that your team will get notified about, and can then contribute their videos to. It's a great way of staying in regular contact with your team - but in way that is asynchronous and non-intrusive to any individual's schedule.


Lastly, we've added a Drafts feature so you can set up posts in private and then release them to your team when you're ready. We are anticipating this feature might be used by team leads who want to record a few videos privately before allowing the rest of their team to view, comment or add more videos.

Drafts UI

Phew, that's a lot! So what's next?

We would love to hear your feedback on this new version of Talkshow - you can email us any time at hello@talkshow.team

What's coming up in Talkshow Version 3? We'd hate to spoil the surprise… but lets just say the focus will be mobile ;)

Jon Yongfook@yongfook

Jon is the founder of Talkshow and an experienced remote work advocate. He has built teams remotely, reported to a remote boss, worked on projects with teams in dramatically different timezones, and experienced being a company's first remote employee. He has also built and sold several startups remotely. Jon rides a motorcycle, lives out of Airbnbs and works from coworking spaces.

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